Keeping Moisture out of Your Home Essay

Keeping Moisture out of Your Home Essay

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Every home has a water management system to help keep moisture out of the house. Proper grading and correct drainage of your property help, but the most important parts of the system are the gutters attached to the roof. Steel, aluminum and vinyl rain gutters are common, and you can even get expensive gutters made out of copper. Vinyl gutters do a great job of capturing water running down the roof and channeling it away from the house and foundation. Vinyl is inexpensive compared to the other materials and is easy to install yourself. You will need a power drill, a hacksaw, galvanized screws, a tape measure, chalk line and level.
To collect water streaming off the roof, vinyl rain gutters need to be placed so that the roof's edge is over the middle of the gutter. The gutter is also slanted towards the downspout so the water can be directed away from the house. The downspout should point to a sloped area like a driveway to help drain the water away. The gutters come in 10 foot sections so you will want to accurately measure the roof to know how many pieces to order. Mounting brackets or hangers need to be installed every 24 inches, and here again accurate measurement will help you determine how many to order.
Vinyl rain gutters protect your home from rain and water damage by diverting water away from your foundation. Vinyl is much cheaper than copper, steel or aluminum gutters and can cost $15 per foot less than the other types. Vinyl does not rust and never requires painting. The only maintenance that is needed is to clean them out when leaves and dirt clog them up. If you install a gutter filter, the leaves and debris will be prevented from accumulating in the gutter. They are very lightweight and come in pre cut sect...

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...uld be repaired as soon as possible. Take care of the small repairs when they happen and this will save you lots of money on more expensive water damage repairs. Some people have their roof cleaned and treated every few years to forestall big repair bills.
Many people live in mobile homes, and mobile home roof repair is an issue that faces the owner from time to time. Metal roofing is standard on most mobile homes, but some also come with shingles. Since mobile homes are moved periodically, the shifting can result in cracks at the seams and fixtures. This damages the roof so that it will leak during the next rainstorm. If a crack is less than 1/4 of an inch wide, it can be filled with patching cement. For larger cracks, melted plastic can be inserted before applying the cement. Two coats of the cement sealer should be sufficient, and it needs 10 hours to dry.

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