Keeping Leaders Safe By Millard Writes Essay

Keeping Leaders Safe By Millard Writes Essay

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Keeping Leaders Safe.
When Millard writes about the morning James Garfield was shot, the notion of presidential personal security was practically unheard of. The politics of the time required that the president be available to the people and public at large. He wasn’t just the figurehead of a struggling government; he was the leader of the free people of the United States of America. President Garfield spoke to the people so that he could speak for the people. The idea had been put forth previously concerning protecting the president, but President Garfield was hesitant to surround himself with guards as he thought this would make him seem unapproachable to the general populace. Garfield was not unappreciative of personal security; he just saw it as unnecessary for himself. (Millard)
Sixteen years earlier, President Abraham Lincoln formed the Secret Service to combat the increasing problem of counterfeit money that was ruining a still fragile economy. The current economy was plagued by almost one third of its currency being counterfeit. In the 1800’s, currency was issued by individual states through local banks resulting in many different types of currency. This made it far easier for the nefarious types to counterfeit currency for their own personal gain. At the behest of the then Secretary of the Treasury Hugh McCulloch, President Lincoln formed the "Secret Service Division of the Department of the Treasury." For the next 35
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years the Secret Service carried out its mission of anti-counterfeiting enforcement. The beginning mandate of the Secret Service did not include protection services at its inception. Primarily, the Service’s mission was investigation and interdiction in concert with the Department of t...

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...tected the Roman Emperor and his family, as well as provided security and administration for state sponsored events. Where the Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency, the Praetorian Guard was more akin to a private army under the command of the Emperor. Much like the modern secret service, the Praetorian guard performed numerous duties not directly related to protecting the emperor. Providing public security at public events and festivals to the collection of taxes and tariffs throughout the empire are some examples of the alternate duties of the guard. One notable difference between the Praetorian Guard and the modern Secret Service is the Secret Service is not allowed to murder anyone the president takes a personal dislike to. The Praetorian Guard was well known to be the heavy hand used by the Emperor to enforce his edicts across the empire. (Bingham )

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