Keeping Christ in Christmas Essay

Keeping Christ in Christmas Essay

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Have you thought about the current religious and social scene in America; especially during this time of year of Christmas? Religion has once again been forced to the forefront of the news, with groups fighting over whether to have a “Nativity Scene” in the public square, others are debating about using the word “Christmas” in their sales ads, and then we hear schools are not going on “Christmas break” but winter break.
In our changing society, I wonder if anyone of us has stopped to ask what did God intend by sending His Son, Jesus Christ to this earth? What does God think about the current Christmas traditions here in America? Would have Joseph and Mary put a “Nativity Scene” in their yard? Would the Apostle Paul have worn a “Keep Christ in Christmas” pin on his missionary journeys? Would Peter go to court if his children came home from school and told him they were not going to have Christmas break but winter break? Did God intend people to celebrate His Son’s birth with “Merry Christmas” and “Nativity Scenes”?
There is another dilemma although in the debate over having a “Nativity Scene,” and whether or not to use the word “Christmas” they are symptoms of a greater problem. We live in a society that is pushing for the removal of Christ from the public eye; it is just not about Christmas but the Christian faith as a whole. Realize that often one cannot pray in school, before a game, or before government meeting as people once did in this country. One cannot read their Bible or promote the Bible over another faith or belief in a public way. The too often battle cry of the Atheists and secularist is the “separation of church and state” and “let’s be fair.” Then about this time of year a school, business, City Park...

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...f the world (Jn. 8:24).
So if the Atheists have their way with the courts and take the “Nativity” from the public square, the department stores have a winter sale instead of Christmas sale, and my children do not have a Christmas break but a winter break, it is o.k. because my faith is not based upon these traditions, but build on the solid Rock, the living, and resurrected Jesus Christ. And if the government comes and tells me that I cannot worship and serve my Lord, then I can say like “Peter and the apostles…, "We must obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29)
So should we keep Christ in Christmas? The answer “Yes” and we should keep Christ in our New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and every day that ends in “Y”. Christ needs to be our beginning and end and the first and the last as we live on planet earth!

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