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Keep Pushing On: Cheryl Strade Essay

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It was as if she was born again, seeing the light for the first time since the tragedy of her mother’s death. By hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, Cheryl Strade was able to push aside her grief and continue living out her life, pursuing her hopes and dreams. Though she made shameful decisions, making her look even more weak in the darkest moment of her life, in the end, Strade is a strong-minded and strong-willed human being; who shows great strength fighting through her grief. A strong-human being finds a way to keep pushing on, and that is exactly what Cheryl Strayed did. By hiking the PCT, she proved how much strength she really possesses, regardless of the shameful actions she took to get there.
Cheryl Strayed was twenty-two when she lost her beloved mother to lung cancer. It was such an unexpected death, she had no time to prepare for her mothers disastrous fate. Since she had no time to prepare, her grieving process lasted much longer than anyone expected. But, she had great reason. Her mother was the heart and soul of their entire family; keeping her brother, sister, and new stepfather all together. Without their mother being the glue that held them together, they all fell apart from each other, not even keeping in touch.
How would one feel losing their entire family over the death of their mother? It would not be a quick sting that lasted a week or two, no way. It would be an agonizing, emotional pain; lasting for months, even years. In Strade’s case: four years, three months, and seven days. Just because a strong-minded and strong-willed individual has weak moments and expresses them in a shameful way, does not mean they are weak overall. When life knocks you down, a human-being who has strength gets back to their feet...

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...r grieving process she hikes the PCT alone, as a woman, and no one, I mean no one, has a clue where she is. That is the makings of a very strong woman, in fact, the makings of a very strong human-being in general. Against all odds, she keeps pushing on, and she will earn herself a title just as MJ did with, “the Greatest Basketball Player of All-Time.” Her title will be, as she likes to say, the “Incredibly Talented and Extraordinary Brilliant and Successful Writer.” Well would you look at that, Cheryl Strade is an incredibly talented, extraordinary brilliant, and successful writer.

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