`` Keep Harriet Tubman- And All Women- Off The $ 20 Bill `` By Ms. Jones

`` Keep Harriet Tubman- And All Women- Off The $ 20 Bill `` By Ms. Jones

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Central Thesis
The main focus of this article found on The Washington Post is to provide a standpoint to the current issue of replacing president Andrew Jackson’s face with Harriet Tubman’s on the $20 U.S. bill. This article called “Keep Harriet Tubman- and all women- off the $20 bill” was written by Ms. Jones, a feminist woman in New York who is a mental health social worker and writer. According to Ms. Jones, there are major several problems of misrepresentation of women, especially black women in the United States. Such misrepresentation issues occur in regular jobs’ positions, as well as in the government, specifically in the House of Representatives, the Senate and other important positions that determine the primary decisions of the country. Her point of view regarding replacing the current $20 bill’s design with the face of one of United States’ heroines, Harriet Tubman, is that this is a strategy to avoid the current issues rather than to solve them. She considers such action unworthy because it would “mask” the concern rather than provide a resolution for the major problem. Therefore, she proposes to devise a solution to the current misrepresentation of women in the United States before honoring women in general by putting an American heroine’s face on the $20 bill.
Supporting Points
One of the main arguments that support the author’s standpoint is the irony of replacing the president “whose wealth was made on the backs of enslaved black people” (Jones 2015) with Tubman on the bill. Harriet Tubman is known for escaping slavery in Maryland and helping many slaves, including her own family to escape as well. By facilitating slaves to escape from their owners, she was considered to be stealing property; consequently, for obv...

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...istorically and still are not only misrepresented but also seen as “weaker” individuals or “incapable” of certain positions. However, I do not agree with the author in regard to the new $20 bill design being a “mask” or cover up of the bigger problem, but as an initiative to arouse a further discussion about the current concern. While being a curious coincidence that a woman that fought for rights will replace a man who took advantage of people’s freedoms, this is a great and certainly new opportunity to begin mending undeniable problems the country has faced. In conclusion, while acknowledging some points of arguments Ms. Jones presents in her article, I mostly differ with her idea of the new implementation being a façade to cover the main issue since I see this convenience as the first step to settle new solutions to women being misrepresented in the United States.

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