Kayla 's Father And Father 's Life With Her Parents And Two Siblings Essay

Kayla 's Father And Father 's Life With Her Parents And Two Siblings Essay

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Kayla lives with her parents and two siblings. Kayla was first referred for psychoeducational testing when she was in fifth grade and this was done by her teacher. Kayla has a history of cutting school and not doing any of school work. Even she has been given a second chance to resubmit her work, she still doesn’t do it. One class in particular TV Production, Kayla has never attended and the teacher feels that Kayla should have been dropped. Kayla also never attends Physical Education. Kayla’s father and paternal uncle have a history of ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and possibly learning disabilities. Kayla’s father has been on medication for his disorders. Unfortunately, Kayla’s father is currently unemployed and depends on Kayla’s to provide for the family. After Kayla’s father lost his job, Kayla though he might commit suicide. Kayla’s Parents separated for a year when she was 5 years old. When her parents separated Kayla lived with aunt and while there, she was sexually abused by her eleven-year-old cousin. Her family are always from one place to another, they have moved three times before settling on Glen Cove. The whole family except for her dislike living in Glen Cove but they moved there because her mother grew up there. She began having academic and emotional difficulties when reached fifth grade. Kayla only had a good relationship with her friends but has she got older she got into verbal altercations with them.
They are discrepancies between the results of the first and second psychoeducational evaluations because in the first evaluation Kayla was still young and her emotional problems had just began. During her first evaluation, her parents had just separated. I think this must have triggered Kayla’s emotional and academic ...

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...k about these things when we meet.
Kayla qualifies for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) because is designed from public school students who are struggling in school. Kayla would benefit from getting individualized help because all the attention will be on her. Kayla needs some kind of special education while at school in order for her to be successful in school. According to Kids Health, children who are in need of intense intervention may have to be taught in a special environment. I believe Kayla would benefit from this in the beginning of a school year then move to a regular class because she failing school excessively and her emotional problems need to be addressed first. Kayla needs a place in the community where she can go with her family that provides counseling children and their families. This will give her a sense of belonging to the community.

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