Essay about Kathy 's Dreams - Original Writing

Essay about Kathy 's Dreams - Original Writing

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Kathy was a very simple woman. She never complained or asked for too much. She was not spoiled by John neither did she want to be; all she ever wanted was love. She only wanted true love and a real family. To me is it seems that ever since Kathy was young, she wanted to form a family and be a mother. For some time she let those dreams, her dreams, be put on hold for John’s. I feel like Kathy was hurt by that because as each year passed, having children seemed less important to John; it was always about him and what could be done to accomplish only his dreams as a politician. Because Kathy’s dreams were put on hold for John’s, I believe Kathy left to pursue her own dreams.
First, for many years Kathy was in love with John, Kathy cares about him and she tries to not look at all the flaws he had before and after his departure to Vietnam. But everything in their relationship was almost crumbling down, especially after the abortion. The tension was there and I honestly think that was what broke the camel’s back and Kathy left. The lying, the deception could not be handled any longer. Kathy wanted more and maybe even deserved more after all she did for John. According to the book In the Lake of the Woods, “Maybe she had grown tired of the tricks and trapdoors, a husband she had never known.” (O’Brien, 23) There is a point when someone has had enough of the manipulation, the lies, the need of love, the need of having control in everything and everyone. Kathy for a long time let John be himself .She knew that he was following her and always spying on her, for example “what’s for lunch? he’d ask, and Kathy would give him a quick look and say, you tell me.” (71) John was so afraid of losing her that he’d follow her to the supermarket jus...

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...she thought, she’d win herself a future.”(229)Kathy realizes that she needs to stop dwelling on the past, a past when John and her were actually happy in love and nothing came in between their love. Kathy found herself thinking of the past, “When they had gone dancing at The Bottle Top over on Hennepin Ave. The way he’d look at her, no tricks at all. Just young and in love.” (173) Kathy knows that she is mourning the loss of how John once was, but it is time to let go and move on. Eventually “she felt the need to remove herself from him” (173) Kathy rediscovers emotions and feelings, “it was the idea of happiness, the possibility, a slow, tantalizing waltz with a handsome future.” (251) Kathy leaves because she wants change; she needs it to survive and be free. Finally, Kathy is giving herself the opportunity to live happily, going after her own dreams elsewhere.

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