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Katherine's Saturday Morning Essay

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Katherine arose at 6:30am, her usual time of the morning. The smell of coffee coming from her automatic coffee maker made its way upstairs under her door. She grabs her robe, stepped into her slippers and walked down the hall to Dominic’s room. She was sound asleep.
Katherine walked down the circular staircase to the front door to get the morning paper. Reading the headline she headed for the kitchen and pours a cup of coffee. This morning she was trying Cafe Mocha Blend at her best friend Carmen Davis suggestion. Katherine took a sip. It was alright but preference her coffee black with sugar. She headed back upstairs to her bedroom and out to her balcony, which was Katherine’s sanctuary.
After Michael passed, Katherine and Dominic looked for a new home. The old house just held too many memories of his illness. In Katherine search she made sure to find a house in the same school district. Dominic lost her father; Katherine didn’t want her to have to start over making new friends. It took two months to find a place they both liked. It was love at first sight for Katherine. Two story townhouse with a attach garage, a screen baloney in the master bedroom, three bathrooms, open loft, a deck in the backyard, and minutes from Dominic school.
Katherine spends a lot of time decorating her enclosed balcony. She laid down the sparkle black outdoor carpet herself. Katherine found a three piece black wicker patio furniture set; two end tables and a coffee table complete the rest of the furniture. She found the most adorable spring green and sunshine yellow cushions for the chairs and loveseat. Katherine had curtains designed to fit the windows which gave her privacy. Dominic lovingly called the space Mommy’s Paradise and bought her...

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...ther. It’s called a date.
Katherine said in a wishful tone. “Let’s change the subject. Meet me at P.A.D. for brunch about 12:30.”
“You’re brave girl. Your brothers and sisters were talked about you last night. The sisters were telling the brothers that they work you to hard. The twins were saying, you told them you could handle it. Your parents told the boys to help out more. Frankie was low key and quiet. Girl he was there along, no wifie.”
Katherine rolled her eyes again. “Thanks for the forewarning; I only have to answer to my parents. I can handle the rest of them.”
“Okay if you say so. Girl your dad’s Country Comfort Ribs fell off the bones. I think that’s what I going to get again. Is Nic coming?”
“She’s still asleep. I’ll check and see if she wants to.”
“Is Trina home this weekend?”
“I think she is hosting the brunch. See you later.”

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