Katherine 's Eyes Opened Slowly Essay examples

Katherine 's Eyes Opened Slowly Essay examples

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Katherine 's eyes opened slowly, groggily. Where am I? The black void slowly morphed into some strange faces looking down at her. What the heck? Who are these people? One of the faces moved her mouth as if to talk, but Katherine couldn’t hear what she said. She had a faint ringing in her ears that wouldn’t go away. Katherine took stock of her situation. She was lying on the ground somewhere with strange people looking down at her. Lovely. She moved her arms slowly, as if in a trance, and lifted herself up into a sitting position. The faces seemed to revolve and spin like they were being sucked into a whirlpool or something. She blinked a few times and the ringing in her ears slowly decreased in volume and intensity.
“Hello?” Katherine blinked and looked up at the woman who’d spoken. She was the one who’d said something earlier. “Good, I see you’re alert.”
Katherine coughed to clear her throat. “Where am I?”
The woman tucked a strand of grey hair behind her ear. Her bun seemed to bounce as she moved her head. Her light blue, almost grey eyes seemed to bore into Katherine’s. “Welcome to EarthA.”
Katherine coughed, “What the heck is EarthA?”
The woman held out her hand, and Katherine took it. “EarthA is our reality.”
Katherine rolled her eyes, “That explains absolutely nothing.”
The woman laughed a silvery laugh, “There are many different realities around us. Many are intertwined, like your reality and ours. You must have fallen through a connection point.”
“Wait. Is this like a parallel world?”
“If you want to think of it that way. Here in EarthA we’ve made great strides in understanding the mind and its functions.”
One of the faces that had been looking at her curiously came closer. Katherine shook her head to clear the ...

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...aned and fell to her knees, clutching her head. Shannon stood and watched until Kat stood again. “The headaches are normal. We need to get you some rest.” Shannon grabbed Kat’s arm and led her to the elevator. “You’ll be staying in one of our guest suites until we know how you’re gifted. After it has been revealed, you’ll stay in a halfway home for those gifted in the same way until you assimilate into the culture here and can buy an apartment or a home.”
The elevator dinged quietly and the doors slid open, revealing what could only be described as a blinding whiteness. Kat was led down the white hallway to a room numbered 2045. Kat dumped the rose Seb had given her into a vase sitting on the dresser. She sighed as she sank down into the fluffy, white bedsheets. Shannon smiled and closed the door after exiting. Kat closed her eyes and was fast asleep within seconds.

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