Essay on Katherine Kolcabas Theory Of Comfort

Essay on Katherine Kolcabas Theory Of Comfort

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As an RN whose specialties have included Medical, Geriatric and Pediatrics, I am drawn to learn more about Katherine Kolcabas Theory of Comfort. It is also the theory from which my organization based its pain and comfort documentation requirements upon.
Katherine Kolcaba is a nursing theorist who developed the Theory of Comfort in 1990. It is a “middle range theory for health practice, education and research” (Kolcaba, 2011) with a focus on comfort. The three forms of comfort that Kolcaba describes are relief, ease and transcendence. It is these terms that my organization utilizes in documentation of pain and comfort in the electronic health record.
Comfort may be experienced with relief by administering medications to a patient experiencing post-operative pain. Ease can be obtained when a patient reaches a “Comfortable state of contentment…” (Kolcaba, 2011). This may be seen when a stimulus is removed that may be causing discomfort or distress. Transcendence is achieved when comfort needs are met as a result of the patient rising above the obstacles; it may be as a result of encouragement and support.
Katherine Kolcaba’s physical needs can be addressed in the following four contexts: physical, psychospiritual, sociocultural, and environmental. Physical comfort refers to the relief of the actual sensation of pain. Psychospiritual torment can manifest itself in many forms such as, in an indigent patient worrying about their discharge destination, or the transgender patient struggling with identity. Sociocultural comfort may be obtained by encouraging culturally appropriate social activities and maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family. Environmental comfort is achieved by providing a peaceful healing env...

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...each patient. The unit which I currently manage assembles our multidisciplinary unit daily. Needs are identified and assigned to the team members who include social work, care management and therapies in addition to the nurses and the providers. Since the team meets daily there is an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions prescribed. Nursing care management is integral in this work as part of the assessment, planning, and coordination of care in the hospital

setting and as the patient returns to their home and community. The goal by all involved is to move the patient towards a sense of well-being. Social work and care management work collaboratively to ensure we have an appropriate discharge plan which includes a safe home situation, adequate education of support system and medical follow up.

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