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The Kashmir Issue Essay

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Sovereignty is a blessing of Almighty Allah to humankind; freedom by all means either refers to human beings or to other creatures does hold its magnitude in all aspects. It has widely been manifested by the human chronology that human beings have ever been seeking freedom, thus, the notion bands no dilemma in it as liberty stands to be the at heart right to all.

The conflict between India and Pakistan, two nations united by history but divided by destiny, runs deep. Their rivalries over five decades have prevented both countries from realizing their full economic and geopolitical potential. Most of the noted political scientists and leaders on both sides of the borders feel that the Kashmir issue is the major cause of this rivalry. Kashmir is small region in north India; a part of the Jammu and Kashmir state i.e. the northern most state in India, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Kashmir region is of great strategic importance and beauty which makes a very prized possession. Kashmir was controlled by the Durrani Empire of Afghanistan during the mughal rule in India, later taken over by the Sikh empire under maharaja ranjit Singh in the mid 19th century and further sold to maharaja gulab Singh by the British. Thus four takeovers of the state within three centuries show how important the valley of Kashmir was for the leaders of the Indian sub-continent. The reason for this importance is the fact that apart from its high snow-clad mountains, scenic spots, beautiful valleys, rivers with ice-cold water, attractive lakes and springs and ever-green fields, dense forests and beautiful health resorts, which enhance its grandeur and are a source of great attraction for tourists, Kashmir also shares contiguous boundaries wit...

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... has been resisting to solve and the major powers of the world are silenced because of the economical benefits they could gain by supporting India. When the countries confront dialogue the solution of the issue becomes another problem because it is quite clear that India will not give up Jammu & Kashmir with fair consensus. There must be something else on which both countries could agree upon. One such solution was forwarded by Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf, the then president of Pakistan to join two Kashmir regions i.e. which are under control of India and Pakistan and make it a demilitarized zone where the people are free to travel. This way the Kashmir issue will be resolved and the relation of both countries will also prosper but it seems that it will not happen any soon because of the strength of stance from the both countries to not to give up their possessed lands.

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