Essay on Karl Marx 's Philosophy And Philosophy

Essay on Karl Marx 's Philosophy And Philosophy

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To begin, those early philosophers contributed many new ideas about a unique ideas, away from total control by the Church, to a less moderate area, which thrived. Although many philosophers began learning because of their religious background, many abandoned this, and either returned with less fundamental beliefs, or abandoned it, altogether. As time progressed, more, and more philosophers added their own perspective on older works. Certainly, Karl Marx’s true intentions remain up for debate, however they were adopted and altered to fit an agenda, during a chaotic period of time, but the end result proved to extreme. An Idea that people’s work was their livelihood, they live for work, and learn many skills, with them owning and benefiting from the production. I don’t believe all of Karl Marx’s theology, and I relate to other more religious philosophers like Montaigne, or Kierkegaard on more ideas, still as a group they can relay a new and unique ideology. Surely this ideology is unique to each person, at the same time building critical, logical, and open-minded individuals, or even a new society of people willing to speak out against evil. During this class, many ideas were exchanged, but I believe Karl Marx, and historical dialectical materialism had more of an impact on current society, and freedoms like: critical thinking, perspective, and knowledge/truth for the common man; because it led many to a new extreme measure of control and more social class struggles by the intended benefactors.
Truly, I believe critical thinking is a major problem with our culture, and philosophy was a method of questioning social norms or established customs, even though Marx’s historical materialism created more restrictions and established cus...

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...mmon man. Even though, capitalistic societies have ended in similar means, but the opportunity for the common man to gain knowledge and truth, seem less oppressive.
Therefore, I believe Karl Marx’s historical materialism ended with governments which blended Capitalistic elements, but never created a utopia, only more slaves. Communism was started in opposition to capitalism but neither has proven a success. Now I did enjoy learning about this element of philosophy, because it allowed me to view the original idea behind Communisum. However, I do believe people can grow towards a better world for everyone, but evil will always exist. Even though, we also take others views as facts about their living situations, as I never lived in that type of government. Maybe they say our government is suppressive, media is owned by one major force promoting how great america is.

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