Karl Marx 's Manifesto Of Class Struggle Essay

Karl Marx 's Manifesto Of Class Struggle Essay

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Karl Marx was born in 1818 and died in 1883 in his works he presented the estranged labor (alienation) workers were equal to a commodity and his production of goods created power. The more goods the worker produced the more the worker felt as a alien to his product. The worker efforts and labor did not belong to himself, but belong to the owner of the company that hired him. The workers labor came from within as a natural act but also exists outside of him from what was produce and means a loss of his self. The worker is set-detached from this critical source of identity and life purpose of a human being. Marx created the Manifesto of class struggle which is between the upper class and the lower class. The lower class was known as the proletariat and their labor is exploited through the means of production. The higher class is known as the bourgeoisie they are the dominant class in the modern industrial world. They shaped the political institutions and society according to their own happiness. The bourgeois smashed the traditional way of life creating urbanized cities in place of rural areas. The world expanded through Industrialization, means of production and exchange creating capitalism. In 1867 the labour-power and capital it was stated that the commodities are objects that assure human needs and wants and are the essential units of capitalism. The worth is its use-value, a property built-in to the commodity. Commodities also possess an exchange-value, the value of a commodity in connection to other commodities in an exchange state. Exchange-value allows a commodity to be traded in equal value to another commodity. The value of a commodity was determined by Marx on how long it takes for the product to be completed and how many...

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...al poverty has been created and has been a part of the society. As long as the system is running global poverty will continue to develop. People in poverty stricken place only want the necessities to live and provide for their families. Higher income countries need people from the lower class to work for them, but continue to oppress them gaining more profit for themselves. Social conflict theory shows the difference of material in countries between people and powerful people expolit lower class people. Inequalities will continue to be influence with money and the more individuals and organization gain. People who are in poverty do not have the means of production but to have the power of labor. All these sociologist developed articles on the world around them. They helped influenced the changes and spoke of the inequalities that separated the poor and the rich.

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