Essay about Karl Marx 's Influence On The Social And Political Fields

Essay about Karl Marx 's Influence On The Social And Political Fields

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Karl Marx has been called a “philosopher, social scientist, historian, and revolutionary” and is the most compelling socialist scholar to rise in the nineteenth century. Disregarded by fellow researchers, Marx’ impact in the social, financial, and political sectors influenced the socialist development after his demise in 1883. Recently, a large following claim to be Marxist and this achievement implies that the ideas and beliefs of Marx continue to expand and evolve, continually influencing the socioeconomic and political fields. His ideology was more “justification” and believed in a ruling class. Many countries have taken this concept and continually revise it to work within their government to improve its society.
Karl Heinrich Marx, born May 5, 1818 into a white-collar class home in Trier on the stream of Moselle came from a lineage of rabbis. Although born Jewish, when the laws forbad his father, a lawyer, to advance his social class, they converted to Lutheranism, yet did not practice Christianity. Openly an atheist, Marx’ ideology was based heavily on a more socialistic communism view, which theorists believed was a religion within itself, and so “Marxism” was born. This concept changed how social class developed and gave dimensions to governmental and socio-economic factors.
After an raucous year at the University of Bonn, Marx’ parents enrolled him into the University of Berlin, where he studied law and became enamored with the philosophy of G.W. F. Hegel. Abandoning his ideas of romanticism, he joined the Young Hegelians, a group of German Intellectuals that believed in a more spiritual theory that cultivated the human society. Members of this group were notably, scholars Bruno Bauer and David Friedrich Stra...

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...trations did not bring about the vanishing of the state, but rather in the erection of immense, solid, and to a great extent wasteful state structure. For his Philosophical influences in recent years has been an assortment of people including; Hungarian philosopher György Lukács and the Italian political philosopher Antonio Gramsci, both of whom saw Marxism as a freedom from the standard of political economy and trusted in its relationship to the social consciousness. Marxism 's impact can be found in areas as different as finance, history, craftsmanship, artistic feedback, and socialism. German humanist Max Weber, Frankfurt school scholars, for example, Marxist viewpoints have all created works as well from; Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer, British financial analyst Joan Robinson, German screenwriter Bertolt Brecht and the French historians of the Annales School.

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