Karl Marx Rise and Fall of the Revolution Essay

Karl Marx Rise and Fall of the Revolution Essay

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Karl Marx Rise and Fall of the Revolution
Karl Marx, could it have been his theories that changed the world today on how people view the world system? Many got confused on what to truly believe, that will save their lives and how they lived in the 1800’s. His zealous intellectual writing imposed communism over more than twenty countries. The revolutionary theories of Karl Marx caused by the poverty in the Twentieth century turned out to be the death of millions of men, women, and children.
Karl Marx Early Life
During Karl Marx early years he attended University of Bonn at the age of seventeen to study law. While he was studying in France, he went under the supervision and influence of Lad wig Feuerbach to study Art of Hegelianism (“Karl Heinrich Marx-Biography”). Art of Hegelianism is the philosophy that G. W. F Hegel summed up the meaning of “rational alone is real”. This is expressing it in the term of making reality capable of being expressed in a rational category.

Marx was expelled from France, and moved to live in Brussels for three years with his friend Friedrich Engels. There he wrote another piece of socialism called “The Poverty of Philosophy. After many years of studying at University of Bonn, Marx moved to Paris where he became a communist and studied political economy “French Revolution” history (“Karl Heinrich Marx-Biography”). Later on, on June 19, 1843 Karl Marx married his neighborhood sweetheart Jenny Von Westphalen, and they had seven children four died during early childhood (“Karl Marx Biography”). Marx never really had feeling for his wife Jenny he only liked her for the moment in time. He never believed in a solid family and marriage. Later Marx totally fell out of love for his w...

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...ride the lower classes. They believed since their business has a better chance of going somewhere or have a better chance lasting, that they deserve the better upper hand. The ones who own the control of producing refuses to share that power of

wealth and privilege; causing other to become fury and to kill to get what they want. Family farms and little corner shops struggle to meet ends meet, because they aren’t so called part of the capitalist class. The increasing production into social relations expanded into a conflict in destructing the Capitalist system. Marx theories really thought that the idea of Capitalism would help not hinder, until it all collapsed due to the internal difficulties (Trainer). With the wrongful act of popularity, caused many people to go mad and destroy others lives by killing, stealing and diminishing the value of their well being.

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