Karl Marx On Socio Economic Conditions Essay

Karl Marx On Socio Economic Conditions Essay

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Karl Marx believed that there were different categories of socio-economic conditions that correlate with historical periods of time. Each category has its own level of alienation because their means of production were different. The workers worked differently under each of the socio-economic conditions. In addition, each category is a level closer to what Marx called “true communism,” which is the ultimate goal that can be reached for mankind. The first socio-economic society was what Marx referred to as a tribal society. In a tribal society, Marx pointed out that each member contributed to labor and production in an equivalent sense. Marx believed that tribal society was a form of mild communism in which everybody chipped in to work the required labor that ensured their survival, and everybody was economically treated as equal. As a result of the equality that was shared amongst its members, the conception of different classes within the tribe was impossible. Each tribe would produce solely for the benefit of their own, and try to produce enough for their tribe to survive. If they didn’t produce enough, they simply did not have enough to survive, making the individual workers less burdened by the insufficient outcome of their labor. However, agriculture eventually came into production, which created surpluses of goods needed for survival. When tribes produced a surplus, they used it as a means for gain by selling their excess. A class structure ensued because people began to employ workers to work on their farm, who had to work while others controlled the workers who work on their agriculture.
The next socio-economic phase was the Ancient Societies, which was present in cities in Ancient Rome and Greece. Marx belie...

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.... Transitions were not only an economic based. One of the reasons why the Feudal system ended was because there was no need the monarchy people rebelled in the form of revolution and civil wars because the monarchs had too much of the power, those with capital felt as though the monarchy was getting in their way. Next, the transition from capitalism to communism would be created as the result of capitalism “boiling over”. In other words, capitalism would be too much for people. There would be too much power in the hands in a minority of individuals, and rebellion against the ruling class will be inevitable. Crude communism will fall because their authoritarian model will be no longer needed. Individuals will no longer need the state practice communism because it would already be ingrained into the human spirit, making it something the people do on their own.

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