Essay about Karl Marx And The German Ideology

Essay about Karl Marx And The German Ideology

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Karl Marx 's famous; The German Ideology opens with a detailed summary on the Hegelian tradition 19th century idealist German philosophers. The Hegelian philosophers focused on consciousness. Marx distinguishes from himself with earlier historians, particularly Hegel, who insisted on the predominance of the idea in their understandings of history. Consciousness is considered to be from the beginning a social product and remains so as long as men exist. Karl Marx distinguished several theories on the creation of consciousness enabling mankind to better understand the society that they are a part of. He defined consciousness as the knowledge of knowing something; which was created by humans in order to understand their environment in which they live. It comes about when people are aware of something worth communicating to like-minded others, such as making others aware of a common problem, or contesting someone’s mistaken view of how the capitalist society functions. Therefore, Marx and Engels established a link between these two, by describing language as practical consciousness. If language is merely speaking, consciousness is more than simply being awake. (Johnson 2013)
Marx went on to say that men can be distinguished from animals by consciousness, by religion and anything else you like. Men began to distinguish themselves from animals as soon as they began to produce their means of subsistence. By producing their own means of subsistence, men are indirectly producing their own material life. A primary feature in understanding the theory of consciousness is to firstly comprehend the history of man, beginning with the development of the bourgeois society through modernization. The division of society was the initial sta...

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...Religion, like opium is something to which people may resort to when other things, like their actual lives are amiss. Alienation also was a life-long preoccupation of Marx. It involved the exhaustion, rigor and hard work of the proletarian mode of production and was viciously reinforced by religion’s capacity to obscure, frighten and diminish the ability of the worker’s to recognize their humanity and liberate themselves as accessories of the machine.
Marx’s theories were grounded in the belief that culture, including religion, was not independent of economic, materialist forces and that for social change to occur, the chains of oppression and the clear light of economic suffering needed to be removed as a result of the bourgeois revealed. Religion to Marx did not inspire greatness or motives of liberation. Religion is not sacred beyond its human origin.

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