Karl Marx And His Views On The World 's Social Economic Problems Essay

Karl Marx And His Views On The World 's Social Economic Problems Essay

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Marx (1818-1883)
In order to gain the proper perspective and fullest understanding of philosophy of property will now examine the works of Karl Marx.
Marx’s life
The Philosopher Karl Marx was born in Germany in 1818, and began as a student of the ideas of Hegel (whose philosophical ideas we have already examined to a minor degree above), going on to become a professor of philosophy in his own right. His doctoral dissertation focused on the ancient philosophers in fact. Marx took great interest in the plight of modern man becoming an advocate for organized labor and the need for economic and political change in society.

Marx’s works
Marx’s activism caused him to his leaving his native Germany for France only having to later leave France for England as well. Marx’s developed ideas regarding the nature of the world’s social-economic problems; in conjunction with a fellow thinker Friedrich Engels; these led to the development of Marxism.

The website; Deep-Spirits describes their work as:
... geared towards a global understanding of the socio-economic problems which seemed to originate within the human nature and organized societies. Such problems were prevalent in most governing systems of their time. The revolutionary aspect of Marx and Engels ' ideology is centered on the notion that people needed to actively change the socio-economic system to a better form, instead of trying to preserve the existing status quo.

Marx the thinker rejected the idealism philosophy that ideas are the greatest creation of man, possibly even divinely inspired. Instead he become a dialectical materialist who saw the historical basis for his thinking that man’s ideas came from the problems of the real material world, and that these ideals sha...

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...rs beginning in the 1920’s until its apex in 1970’s, at which time it has begun its rapid decent (rdwolff.com and democracyatwork.info) , not unlike the rise and fall or the earlier iconic Roman Empire. Wolff further argues that Marx was right in that workers deserve a vote in how their industries operate; since it is their labor being exploited, as he attempts to justify socialism and even bigger government solutions to all of mankind’s earthly woes and ailments. This is why property rights continue to be vastly important, within the greater context of personal rights which need to continue to include ownership of one’s; self, labors, products and properties. Without these simple guarantees their simply exists diminishing incentives for the hard work, initiative and creativity required for the individual, any individual to enjoy a true and lasting quality of life.

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