Karl Marx And His Influence On Society Essay

Karl Marx And His Influence On Society Essay

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Karl Marx was a German philosopher who studies at the university of berlin. He was a Hegelian. He was very active in the political scene, thus springing his desire to combined philosophy, political science and economics. Marx believes that we are the product of our environments but we also have the power to change our environment. He believed that human beings can shape the environment that we live in through our abilities. He also believes that philosophers should not only interoperate the world, but they should be able to change it (Citation). Marx believed that history is all based class conflicts. He uses the example of the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat. The bourgeoisie is the oppressive class, they consist of the rich, upper class, and they basically own all of the means of production. The proletariat is the oppressed class. The process of society is that it’s stable, then the bourgeoisie become s oppressive, then there oppressed revolt, the conflict resolves thus forming a brand new society. But this new society becomes oppressive and the cycle continues. The bourgeoisie started off as the working, lower class, serfs. They opposed the kings and the queens, the they started to revolt and become the revolutionary class. This have been seen all throughout history, some examples include the American Revolution and the French Revolution.
Marx believes that the bourgeoisie are making people into commodities, something that you can put a count on. Individual’s values that are recognized are their economic value. Human begins are much more important to society rather than their economic oppression. One of the main reasons why the proletariat rises up is urbanization. This is how once cities start growing, they are attracting...

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...hrough our false consciousness (11). Also the scientific method has been applied incorrectly in previous philosophy. There is more to life than what scientific tools can measure, this is seen in political life, social life and in human existence. By our capitalist society is based on a scientific outlook. We do not always need to be looking through a scientific lenses. Society also is dumbing down politics according to Marcuse. We are isolating ourselves into binaries, we are either this or that. And if we see something that we do not like, we just associate it with the opposing side. Lastly, Marcuse concludes with his prediction that as capitalism expands, the things that allow for personal engagement and personal growth will become reduced down to nothing. It will become dehumanizing. Society has to do something to change this in order to keep individuality alive.

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