Essay about The Kantian View Of Morality

Essay about The Kantian View Of Morality

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The Kantian view of morality bases its opinions of morality based upon the Categorical Imperative’s rulings about the reasoning used to justify the action that a person performs. One commonly used method to state the Categorical Imperative posed by Immanuel Kant in Groundworks of Metaphysics, called the Universal Law Formation (ULF) defines an action as either moral or immoral based upon whether the individual performing the action can “rationally will the maxim behind their action to be universal law,” or, in other words, the if someone can, with reason, wish that everyone acted in the same way based upon the same reasoning. However by using the ULF form of the Categorical Imperative, Kantians fail to accurately describe an action as either moral or immoral due to the fact that this formation only takes in to account the reasoning a single person uses to as the maxim for that action. Therefore use of this method for determining whether any action is the moral or immoral to perform allows for people to behave morally even if their intents could be entirely self-serving and apathetic to the impact these actions may have upon another person’s life.
First, I will examine Kantianism through the lens of the quandary posed in the prompt; that is: if I, as a doctor, know a woman will die in the coming months from some illness, but her husband assures me she would rather live in ignorance than know her fate, should I tell her? The first step in determining if keeping the woman’s fate a secret is moral is deciding on the maxim for this action. One such maxim I could use is “If a patient you do not know well is going to die of an incurable—but currently symptomless—disease, and one of their relatives knowing the situation tells you not to i...

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...moral theories fails to provide an accurate account of the morality of many actions due to the fact that it neglects to include any intent that acts as the force behind many actions and, instead, focuses solely on the action itself. The narrow scope of this moral theory leads to it possibly allowing people with malevolent intents to be considered as living moral lives, even if every action they ever perform may be intended to deal harm to another human being because there may be one single maxim that passes the ULF test, allowing the action to proceed as moral. When the Kantianism is combined with other possible, compatible moral theories, it may come closer to a total moral theory which can give us quick and complete judgments about the moral choices to make as well as acceptable, moral motivations that can give us reason to perform actions that we test to be moral.

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