Essay about Kantian Ethics : Kantian Ethic

Essay about Kantian Ethics : Kantian Ethic

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Kantian Ethics
Kantian ethic is based upon the well-known teaching of the German philosopher, Immanuel Kant. According to Kant, an action has moral worth only if the action is done with the right intentions out of a “sense of duty.” I believe that Kant’s formulation of humanity requires for us human beings to not thread merely as a means to an end. As the saying goes “do unto others as you would have them do unto you. “For Kant, individuals are intelligent beings who has the mental capability to think for themselves and make choices” Despite our choices made, they should be done with a motive right intention, not to appease yourself, or for a reward (MacKinnon).
I think that Kantian ethic is based on the principle of morality and it is grounded ethical laws from the concept of duty. Morality provides people with a framework of rational rules that guides and prevent certain actions and are independent of personal intentions and desires. It is based on the view that we humans have the unique capacity for rationality. We are not animals who do not have the propensity to think about their actions. “No,” this is exactly the requirement for our human beings to act in accordance with and for only the sake of moral duty.
Kantian ethics shows the rightness or wrongness of certain acts does not depend on their consequences but instead on whether they fulfilled their moral duties. I would certainly agree with Kant that moral people will do the right thing despite the influence of desire that might lead them to wrong things. This is because our actions are bases on the rational and autonomous will which are justifiable to the universal moral law. Our talents and intelligence, talents, and diligence are good and valuable but if we don’t bac...

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...oncept of morality and he articulated that only principles to satisfy the concept of moral imperative are categorical imperative. He argued that a free will and a will under moral laws are the same and that all rational being have free will. I agree with Kant on our moral duty to helping others, that we should not kill others, we should not lie. Yet, I think for Kant, there are problems with event-description in following pure practical reason. It led me to think, should the imperative “I am never to take the life of another human being with malice aforethought” apply in the same manner in the circumstance of the unlawful situation, self-defense, or wartime? Interestingly, Kant believes lying was always wrong even if a vicious murderer asked me where my friend was so he could assassinate her and it would be morally wrong for me to lie and to try and save her. Whoa!

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