Kant 's View On Capital Punishment Essay

Kant 's View On Capital Punishment Essay

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Kant has a very extreme view on capital punishment that agrees with a retention point of view. Questions arise when discussing the death penalty such as is it a deterrent, does racial bias come into play and is life in prison a better choice. All of these questions are discussed by Kant, Cassell and Stevenson in detail. I agree very strongly with capital punishment and feel that it is a viable form of punishment when dealing with first degree murder.
Kant holds a strong view that capital punishment is the only form of punishment that is suitable for murder. Kant states, “Criminals should be punished because they deserve to be punished, because they must receive their just deserts. And murderers deserve death, and a just society will punish them accordingly” (353). Kant’s view further strengthens a retentionist position in that a retentionist believes that capital punishment should prevail as a form of punishment in certain cases. Retentionist are, “those who want to retain the death penalty as part of a system of legal punishment, who believe that sometimes capital punishment is warranted.” (348). Kant ‘s retributivism is, “the doctrine that people should be punished simply because they deserve it and that the punishment should be proportional to the crime.” (351). I feel that Kant’s retributivism is a good law to follow when deciding how to punish a guilty person to some extent. I feel that retributivism should be used to the fullest extent if the crime is murder or stealing; however, I feel that retributivism should not be used in the exact form as stated when dealing with other crimes such as rape. I feel that to have someone rape a rapist would not be moral or fair to the both parties and that life in prison would be a more...

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...ng factor whether capital punishment is lawful or not. I think that the death penalty is moral and should be exorcised universally not only because the murderer has no respect for the family he is effecting but also because he is no benefit to society. Also I feel that I agree with the death penalty because I had a family member taken and tortured and murdered when I was younger and I feel the only true form of justice for that man is death.
Kant has a very extreme view on capital punishment that agrees with a retention point of view. Me and Kant agree on every aspect of capital punishment and I feel that it should be universalized. I also agree that we need to look into our justice system and find ways to end discrimination in the courts. Stevenson and Cassell make very good points but I don’t feel like these are good arguments for getting rid of capital punishment.

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