Essay on Kant 's Critique Of Kantian Theory

Essay on Kant 's Critique Of Kantian Theory

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In this paper, I will argue that Kant provides us with a plausible account of morality. To demonstrate that, I will initially offer a main criticism of Kantian moral theory, through explaining Bernard Williams’ charge against it. I will look at his indulgent of the Kantian theory, and then clarify whether I find it objectionable. The second part, I will try to defend Kant’s theory.
Critiques of Kantian moralist theory such as Williams believe that Kant’s moral theory is characterized by Impartiality and unresponsiveness to any picky associations to picky person. Abstraction from specific characteristics of an agent is what is believed by the critiques as to be a qualification for a universal moral principle that can apply to similar situations. Such criticism does not construct a clear cut analysis worth debunking Kant’s stand. Nonetheless, it is not awfully difficult to conjecture about such an aspect. Subsequent to presenting the initial statement of the categorical imperative, Kant looks at three cases that are designed at indicating its realistic application .
Strengths of Kant’s stand
To begin with, an agent should be able to affirm the decision she is dealing with in form of the maxim. Subsequently, she should be able generalize the maxim in a manner that makes it a universal law. Lastly, she should be able to decide if or not possible to make such a maxim as a law of nature that applies universally.
In severe scenarios, it requires the agent to forget her desires, because from the impartial viewpoint, it is impracticable to will them. This is quite difficult. What is more, the less extreme case, in which there is no conflict between moral requirement and what is one’s projects, is not less difficult. That is, e...

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...r is that humanity’s demands on us are not, although they certainly can seem to be, outside of ourselves. Like all our identities, humanity engages the will by being first accepted by the agent as a categorical principle.
Consequently, it is in relation to a human being identified with being a human, that I am devoted to not tormenting little babies, for instance. As such, it is factual that all human beings are bound. However, we are bound as far as we opt to be. Our humanity requires us to value humanity. Morality is therefore something that is inherent in any human being by virtue of being a human being .
From the above illustration, I can deduce that morality is something that is inherent in human being by the choice of them being identified as human being. It is imperative and personal to any human being that appreciates being identified as human.

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