Essay on Kant 's Argument On Suicide

Essay on Kant 's Argument On Suicide

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The question which I shall look at for the Autumn Term part of this Take-Home Exam is: According to Kant, suicide is immoral. What is his argument for this claim? Does his theory really generate this result, when applied to the case of suicide? Why or why not?

Immanuel Kant’s argument for the claim that suicide is immoral can be found in the Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals on page 73-74 in Practical Philosophy. The claim which Kant makes is when he starts to explain the Categorical Imperative. The Categorical Imperative, gives us the idea that Human will is caused by imperatives. There are two kinds of imperatives: 1. Hypothetical 2. Categorical. These two kinds of imperatives are important to us knowing what is our will and duty as human beings.

The claim that Kant makes in regards to suicide being immoral can be viewed as an idea coming from people who are against things such as suicide and voluntary euthanasia. A quote from Kant’s Groundwork:
“Someone feels sick of life because of a series of troubles that has grown to the point of despair, but is still so far in pos...

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