Essay on Kant And Kant 's Philosophical Ideas

Essay on Kant And Kant 's Philosophical Ideas

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During the 17th century there were 2 great philosophers who achieved great fame from their philosophical ideas. The two great philosophers during the 17th century are Scot David Hume and Immanuel Kant. David Hume was a British empiricists while Kant’s goal was to bridge the gap between rationalism and Empiricism. Kant was also influenced by Hume’s ideas of empiricism and he wanted add more ideas to it. In this paper I will be comparing and contrasting David Hume and Immanuel Kant’s philosophical ideas. I will do so by talking about the history of Kant and Hume, and looking at the differences between their ideas and their similarities. This will show how Kant’s idea were from the teachings of David Hume.
David Hume was third of the Holy trinity of British empiricism and he also wrote a book called “A Treatise of Human Nature” (Palmer, 179). Hume wrote this book when he was twenty seven and wanted to achieve fame from his book but it turned out to be bad and did not get famous. Later on he rewrote his book and called it “An Enquiry Concerning the Human Understanding,” this revision was more popular than the previous text. Hume’s philosophy began when he revived Leibniz analytic and synthetic distinction. In Hume’s terms he calls it the distinction between the ideas and matter of facts. Hume philosophy was influenced greatly by John Locke ideas and Hume was also a radical empiricist. Hume wanted to push the ideas of empiricism to the limit, by doing this Hume had questioned many ideas of physical identity, causation and human reason was inherently self-contradictory. Hume questioned the idea of logical impetus to conclude universal knowledge. Hume’s philosophical idea of empiricism was people had perceptions and there wer...

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... philosophy of understanding he explains how this idea helps us understand the facts of the world. Also Kant philosophy relates more too common then does Hume’s. People will be able to understand Kant’s idea more than Hume’s. Kant’s philosophy is much better and truer than Hume’s.
In conclusion, Kant and Hume were both of the greatest philosophers in the 17th century. They had made a difference in the world of philosophies because of their ideas. Hume was a British empiricist who was one of the holy trinity. He wrote a book called “A Treatise of Human Nature.” He also influenced another great philosopher who was also an empiricist, Immanuel Kant. Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher whose ideas were demolished from reading Hume’s Enquiry. In this essay I talked about the philosophers ideas and differences and the similarities between the two philosophers.

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