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The Kansas City Gun Experiment Essay

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The Kansas City Gun Experiment was a study that took place between 1992 and 1993. The goal of the study was to examine if increased police patrol in a “hot spot” of the city would help to reduce the amount of gun-related crime. The data collected by the research team was solely quantitative as it mainly consisted of statistics and other data numerical in nature of the increase/decrease of gun violence in these beats. After the twenty-nine week period of the study, the experiment’s findings showed that an increase in police patrol, as well as seizure of illegally carried guns, did help to eliminate gun-related crimes.
Within the target site of the experiment, researchers wanted to answer their hypothesis; hypothesis was that increased police in an area would help to decrease gun crimes. By increasing police surveying the area and seizing more guns, the researchers hope that an inverse relationship with the decrease in crimes would appear. The study stated that there were 2 possible reasons to explain if this inverse relationship appeared: incapacitation and deterrence. The incapacitation theory states that seizing guns would decrease the amount of crime because people would be unable to commit them, until they acquire new one. The deterrence theory assumes that illegal gun carriers would be less likely to carry their weapons if they knew that police officers are confiscating them. Although one of these two theories would be true, if the hypothesis was correct, the study would not be able to identify which of the two it is within the limits of the experiment. The only thing this study could prove, or not prove, was if the two factors previously stated are inversely related. This study had the possibility of meriting more funds towa...

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...mber of potential offenders to know that officers were looking for illegal weapons and refrained from offending. Another strength of the study includes the relatively inexpensive method to try to answer their hypothesis. Increasing police patrol is one of the more inexpensive methods and it did manage to decrease the number of gun crimes and homicide in the area.
Not sure as what the study could specifically improve on but maybe the researchers could have put more time in other research to benefit this experiment. The research team managed to narrow down the areas of the city where gun crimes were an issue. The researchers could have gone even further and asked why that was the case. By looking into the reasoning for why gun violence was higher in these areas, the research team could implement community-based programs and see if any change in gun violence occurs.

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