The Juxtaposition of Competitors Essay

The Juxtaposition of Competitors Essay

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Swimming is often referred to as an individual sport. In competition you are given a lane, a heat, and you compete for your time. Answer one question then, to prove its nature of individuality, at the seven hundred meter mark of the gruesome fifteen hundred, when the lactic acid has built up, and your body feels like failing, what pushes you beyond a point you have never reached before? The drowned out sounds of a team cheering, or seeing a friend charge through crowds flailing their arms through the air, is all I need to keep going and represent my team in a race to the finish. In addition to cheering during races, it is important to have the encouragement of your teammates all the time at practice, at school and, even in more personal matters. A team gives you a sense of belonging or a sense of discouragement that keeps you from your true potential. A community of a team extends much past the athletes, to the parents, as well. A team in which everyone is recognized for what they do/ can do compared to a special “elite” group of swimmers leads to a new level of pride and confidence for the younger athletes. Lastly, the philosophy of the coach is a critical component to the success of an athlete. One may believe in narrowing in on the naturally talented and the other coach strives to train each individual to maximum potential. I have been a part of two very different swim clubs in my development as an athlete, both of which helped me become my personal best, and who I am today in and out of the water. Although both the Ajax Aquatic Club and the Whitby Dolphins helped me develop my talents, abilities and, confidence, it is through the Whitby Dolphins that I recognize the need for strong interpersonal relationships with teammates, t...

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... did this, it was only through Whitby Dolphins that the need for strong interpersonal relationships with teammates, the importance for mentoring other athletes, and the confidence provided by a coach that believes in you. It is through both of these clubs that I am who I am today; as fast as I am now, and as hard-working (determined) as I am. The positive atmosphere of a team environment developed through the interactions between athletes, and the interaction between athletes and the coach is the key to the success of the team. Also, the support from the parents to all of the athletes of the time, solely in recognition of accomplishments is another major confidence boost that kids need in order to succeed. A negative atmosphere is one in which will see failure. Swimming is proven to be a team sport. The athlete may be racing alone, but is never alone in that race.

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