Essay on Juveniles in Adult Court

Essay on Juveniles in Adult Court

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Have you ever wondered what the process is for a juvenile? How it is different than adult court? What is the process of getting waived to adult court? The first Juvenile court was started in Cook county in 1899. You are a juvenile in till you reach the age of eighteen. After that you are considered an adult. In till you reach the adult age you go to juvenile court in less waived into adult court. After you reach the age of eighteen and you get in trouble with the law you attend adult court.
Not many juveniles get waived to adult court. Normally they stay in juvenile court till they are eighteen. There are many factors into waiving a juvenile into adult court. All from their prior criminal history to the offense they committed. There are laws out there saying that if you commit an A felony or B felony you are automatically waived to adult court. The purpose of Juvenile court is to rehabilitate the juvenile so they don’t reoffend. They don’t really punish the juvenile it is just whatever is in the best interest of the juvenile. Also when you go through the court process. Your parents get involved, where in adult court your parents are not involved.
Before the 1899 there was no Juvenile court established. That changed when Illinois was the first to have a juvenile court to have a hearing in 1899. Illinois passed the Juvenile Court Act of 1899, which established the Nation’s first juvenile court. The courts created a parens patriae which is another word for the state as parent. It was created to be the rationale for the right of the State to intervene in the lives of the children in a way that is different from the normal way that the adult court interacts with the lives of adults. It was also created for the State to act or ...

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... court and you get your sentence. Even though you are in adult court you will not go to a prison or jail in till you have reached the age of eighteen. You stay in a juvenile detention center in till you reach the age of eighteen. Then you are transported to either jail or prison to finish out your sentence there.

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