Juveniles Being Tried As Adults Essay

Juveniles Being Tried As Adults Essay

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Juveniles Being Tried As Adults
Jennifer Combs
University of Mount Olive
Steven N. Long, J.D.


Juveniles Being Tried As Adults
Numerous studies have been conducted with juvenile crimes and the outcomes from what happens after they have been put into criminal court.
Legal procedures and laws that relate to juvenile offenders go back thousands of years when children disobeyed their parents, and sons would curse their fathers. The Roman civil law and canon law 2,000 years ago distinguished juveniles and adults based upon the idea of “age of responsibility”. The Moslem law also believed in leniency in punishing youthful offenders and children under the age of 17 be exempt from the death penalty. Roman law children under the age of 7 were classified as infants and were not held criminally responsible. If the youth were approaching the age of puberty and knew the difference between right and wrong, at that time, they would they be held accountable for the crimes they committed. In the 15-Century, England created a petition to those in need of aid or intervention, generally for women and children who were in need of assistance because of divorce, death of a spouse, or abandonment. The king could exercise the right of parens patriae, which became a basis for the juvenile court in America and was a doctrine that gave the courts authority over juveniles that were in need of guidance and protection, and would allow the state to act in loco parentis (in place of the parents) and to provide guidance and make decisions concerning the best interest of the child. Another pivotal point in the development of the juvenile justice system in America was what became known as the “child-saving movement”. T...

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...t and justice process. In Juvenile justice: A text/reader (pp. 20-30). Los Angeles: Sage Publications.
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(n.d.). Retrieved October 4, 2015, from http://www.campaignforyouthjustice.org/Downloads/laws/NC_Law.doc
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