Juvenile Prison And Juvenile Correctional Center Essay example

Juvenile Prison And Juvenile Correctional Center Essay example

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Imagine that a child was sent to a juvenile prison for a misdemeanor offence to get their behavior corrected and while being incarcerated the juvenile was repeatedly abused, physically, emotionally, and sexually, without the outside world knowing. This would make one maybe a little angry, sad, and helpless. Well this is what happens to many children who are locked up in state and federal juvenile centers. Roughly 10% of juveniles under state confinement have reported that they have been sexually abused by a staff member or another resident of the facility. A teenager in Nampa, Idaho was sent to the local juvenile correctional center was he was 15 years old. He was supposed to be safe because he was away from all the drugs and the gang activity that he was involved in. The head of security of the facility plead guilty to having sex with the teenager three times while he was incarcerated. The act of sexual intercourse with an inmate and a staff member is an illegal act in all 50 states because of the power imbalance that it holds and, although this woman was sentenced to prison for 5 to 20 years, some of these cases go without consequences (Elinson). There are many cases where the male juvenile who faces sexual abuse from a female staff member are said to be “smooth operators who take advantage of ‘vulnerable’ young woman… or as horny boys… who are ‘only too ready’ to service their captors” (Bernstein, 119). After reading examples like this on the internet and reading Nell Bernstein’s Burning Down the House, I have decided that I do not support confinement as a means of managing juvenile delinquency. Confinement for juveniles denies the need for relationships, has many accounts of abuse, has little means of rehabilitat...

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...uld be a long period. If they are sent away the problems that they have leave with them and it is no longer a worry, when it could come back even worse than before (Cox et al).
An example of a juvenile needing his family comes from one of the men in Bernstein interviewed told us about his relationship to family. He stated that they were his support system and they gave him something to hold on to, something to motivate him to do good when he got out (Bernstein). Another example is from a 1995 study that “compared the impact on teens ' behavior of four interventions: parenting groups focused on effective discipline, social-skills-training groups for teens, both the parent- and teen-focused group interventions, or no group treatment at all. Overall, the parent-focused group was most effective, leading to reductions in teen smoking and misbehavior at school (Szalavitz).

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