Essay about Juvenile Offenders And Juvenile Incarceration

Essay about Juvenile Offenders And Juvenile Incarceration

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The United States incarcerates more juvenile delinquents than any other country in the world. Sending the youth to time behind bars can have either negative or positive impacts on the adolescences life after spending years behind bars. Juveniles as young as 13 years old have been tried as adults. Many of them sentenced to spend life in an adult prison without the possibility of parole. Although the number of juveniles in adult correctional facilities is declining there are still a number of issues juveniles are facing within the system today. The real decision most of us are facing today is whether or not we believe juveniles should be incarcerated in the same facilities as adult offenders.
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Juvenile Incarceration
Corrections is an interesting term to use to describe the punishment of offenders for the crimes they have committed (Seiter pg.2). The goal of a correctional institute was to implement a court sentence for criminal offenders and then carry out the sentence of the court. Today, the goal of corrections has changed in a broader term. The mission of corrections today is to protect society, which can be accomplished by surveillance and control of violent offenders, and provide treatment and rehabilitative services to the offenders. The goal of providing treatment and services to violent offenders is hopes that they become less likely to commit more crimes and return to their past lifestyles and eventually become law-abiding community citizens.
In the 19th century courts punished juvenile delinquents by sentencing them to jails and prisons. Because of the slim options we have today, juveniles were thrown into facilities with the mentally ill, and th...

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...access services, or run groups themselves. The quality of the relationship between the offender and officer is very important. Developing a high quality relationship between the probation officer and the offender is essential to both the officer and the probationer’s success. High quality relationships can facilitate better correctional practices among officers and better compliance among probationers. Building a sense of trust between the officer and the probationer is essential. The probationers should feel safe with the officer and they should know they can share their feelings and issues without being judged, belittled, or betrayed. Officers should still hold offenders accountable for their actions but do it in a way that fosters reinforcement techniques, shows genuine concern and respect, and provide opportunity for the offender to express his or her feelings.

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