Juvenile Delinquency : The Criminal Behavior Of Individuals Under The Age Of Age

Juvenile Delinquency : The Criminal Behavior Of Individuals Under The Age Of Age

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Juvenile delinquency is a term used to describe the criminal behavior of individuals under the age of 18. Alternative names for these individuals under the age of eighteen who commit a crime they are sometimes refer to as people who haven’t reached adulthood or the age of majority. “With 2 million youth arrested annually in the United States and 60,000 detained, justice-involved youth represent a large, high-risk, vulnerable population largely hidden from public view” Delinquency is defined as broad range of crimes ranging from disorderly conduct, dui, assault with many more to list. The courts in the sentencing process attempt to proceed with caution when it comes to first time offenders and children at risk. With this caution it allows for many alternative means of punishment since some offenders have greater likelihood to reform while others don’t. Probation is one of those alternative punishments that courts use to reform individuals to become productive members of society.
In Modern times the process of sentencing begins with an arraignment, where the accused individual is brought before a judge and have their alleged crimes stated. After deferring the crime amongst them, a verdict is then passed. If the seriousness of the crime isn’t egregious then a probation officer may file a petition with the court for an alternative punishment besides incarceration. This decision is made based off of likelihood that the individual will reform and what kind of environment will the accuse return to. If probation is chosen, it will be under conditional means. Along those lines, juvenile probation is the same sentencing procedure in which convicted juveniles get the chance to stay out of jail or a correctional institution. For us to unders...

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...egies to correct them. Close to the end of the twentieth century, society started to notice a trend of increasing crimes amongst juveniles including serious crimes and violent crimes. This becomes tricky because some want violent offenders including juveniles to be tried and punished as adults, even including subjecting them to capital punishment. While others don’t want these moldable young offenders to become lifetime criminals, falling into that lifestyle. This topic walks on a very thin line between those who have a natural tendency to treat children gently in hope that they can overcome the hardships that led to these crimes. Allowing them to become useful members of society while, those who suggest harder court procedures say that there is an increasing presence of street gangs and juvenile crimes are causing great fear among the law abiding adult population.

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