Juvenile Delinquency Is Not Only Call For Youthful And Adult Delinquency

Juvenile Delinquency Is Not Only Call For Youthful And Adult Delinquency

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The prevalence of these disorders did not only call for youthful and adult criminality but also offending in a recidivism cycle. It was not until recent findings that mental health has been linked to juvenile delinquency. Since juveniles are faced with these problems it is often hard for them to stay on the correct path once they have been put into the system. Once they are in the juvenile system they are usually not given the correct treatments for their conditions. Children who have been repeatedly abused or maltreated have often been reported to abuse substances. These children go on to have depression and post-traumatic stress disorders. Not only does maltreatment affect the mental health of adolescent but it also affected the educational abilities. “It is estimated that between 28 and 43 % of detained and incarcerated youthful offenders have an identified special education disability” (Mallet,2014). Children who have been identified in special education programs with have emotional disturbances are also noted as having a mental disability. Among the highest rates of minorities who are at a higher risk for learning disabilities are Native Americans. African Americans, and lastly Mexicans. In fact, this small group of adolescents who are considered seriously emotionally disturbed typically have long histories of multiple mental health disorders that will normally persist into adulthood, and make up an estimated 15–20 % of the youthful offenders in juvenile justice detention and incarceration facilities (Mallet,2014). Review on mental health in juvenile delinquency have stated that this is often a result the youth engaging in high risk taking because of their disorder such as hyperactivity. Some researchers have found that onl...

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...t community. Whether it is video games or the internet, mass media greatly influences the actions of our youth. Children are now being exposed to thing much early on than in decades before. Children are exposed to the images of crime and sexual exploitation early on. It greatly impacts their mindset and how they behave in similar circumstances. In all, juvenile delinquency is not a problem that can be fixed overnight. However, it is not a problem that should be ignored. Children today will make the society in later years to come. In order to combat the problem of delinquency researcher must greatly understand that juvenile delinquency is not something that is just cause by one factor. Treatments and rehabilitation programs should be increased in order to help aid those who have been involved in the criminal justice system and for those who are making their way there.

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