Juvenile Curfew Should Be Legal Essay

Juvenile Curfew Should Be Legal Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to examine juvenile curfew. Curfews have been in place for many years. In the 1700s, curfew was put in place for slaves and workers. Now, since the 1990s, juvenile curfew has become a popular policy across the nation in hopes that it will reduce crime while also protecting the welfare of a minor. Though that may be the sole purpose, there have been critiques about the implementation of juvenile curfew. Some may say that it creates a safer community while others may conclude that it is biased and does not work. First, this paper will provide some of the reasons in which curfew is being used. Second, some of the consequences that come along with juvenile curfew will be stated. Then, the various forms of the curfew policies across the states will be reviewed. Next, the racial disparities with the policy will be discusses. Finally, the paper will discuss whether or not the juvenile curfew policy has met its intended purpose and how it can be improved. There is always a solution to policies such as this one, but only if it is implemented in a way addresses the specific needs of the communities that it is enforced in.
When considering laws or policies such a juvenile curfew, it is important to look at the benefits. There are quite a few benefits that policy makers and law enforcers hope to see when implementing juvenile curfew. One purpose of creating juvenile curfew laws is to reduce crime. This is one of the most popular reasons behind this policy. ADD MORE
Safety is also an important aspect when it comes to enforcing the juvenile curfew law. While the target goal is to reduce juvenile crime and also prevent it from happening in other place, curfew can potentially protect youth from victimization...

... middle of paper ...

...e. Another one being the household income of the family. ADD MORE
The curfew laws in New Orleans should be revised. It should make the minor solely responsible for any curfew violations.
The entire state may not need curfew, only the parts in which the youth crime rate is high. There is no way to do that without being discriminatory. If residents of a certain community think they are being targeted, they might become rebellious to law enforcement. ADD MORE
Enforce the policy, but do it in a way which a positive relationship can be sustained in the community. Also, if implemented make sure that it is enforced consistently because if it starts off as being a deal then dies down over time, the effectiveness of the program won’t be able to be determined. And if the extra money is being put into implementing these programs, it is important to keep them in use. ADD MORE

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