The Juvenile Court System And The Adult Courts System Essay

The Juvenile Court System And The Adult Courts System Essay

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The juvenile court system and the adult court system are two different systems. They work in different was and have different goals when dealing with someone who appears in court. They have different procedures and different rules to go by. The adult court system started before the juvenile court system.
History of the Juvenile Court System
The adult court system was established before there was a juvenile court system. The adult court system has been around since colonial days. It was pretty much shaped after the Revolutionary war, after the constitution was created. The constitution was what set the guidelines for punishment and how it was dealt with (Criminal Justice. 2014). The U.S. Criminal Justice History Resource Page - Criminal Justice Degree Online. Retrieved April 19, 2016, from juvenile court system is based mainly on the progressives. They were concerned with how the new industrialized America affected the children of the later 19th century. They were based on the doctrine parens patriae, which means the parents no longer had complete control or legal responsibility of their child (Fradella & Neubauer, 2011, pp. 500). This meant that the state could step in if the parent was not doing their job. This protected the child and put the child’s needs first. The progressive movement also sought out to protect children and to claim tem as children not adults.
The Differences between Juvenile and Adult Court Systems
The juvenile court system and the adult court system are very different. The main difference in them is that the juvenile court system’s main goal is to help the youth. Everyone that is part of the system wants to h...

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...ed with a slap of the wrist, or they can write a letter apologizing to the victim. It depends on how severe the crime is. The exit opportunities for juveniles are usually more informal. (Fradella & Neubauer, 2011,). They often all are satisfied with the plea bargain, and they do what is in the best interest for the child. In adult court systems, it is more of a way for them to admit “guilty” but for a lesser charge or sentencing.
The adult court system and the juvenile court system are very different. The main difference is the goal of the court systems. The juvenile court system wants to rehabilitate the youth, and to help them get out of the cycle of committing crimes. The adult court system want justice and punishment. They are alike when it comes to the criminal and their rights, but in all they are different and they both seek a different purpose.

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