Essay about Justinian And Theodora As The Culture And Political System

Essay about Justinian And Theodora As The Culture And Political System

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Through history we can have learned many things of past civilization and learn the types of culture they were associated. However, little is known about what really happen during those historical times. Many account usually came from elite people who were mostly people that were highly educated and had riches. We can only assume that most of its true and we can only take much information to draw a conclusion. But when you have someone like Procopious author of The Secret History it changes everything of what we viewed of the Byzantine Empire. From this text historians have a different point of view through someone who able to reveal many secrets that were hidden away. It also creates the question to either take this text as something true or deny as something that is completely unbiased. Through these we can truly see the nature of Justinian and Theodora as well as the culture and political system.
In the text Procopious depicts Justinian and Theodora as incapable rulers of the Byzantine Empire. Always describing them as fools rather than giving them respect that the people of the empire such did. In some ways Procopious had many reasons to portray them in such a way due to the inadequate decision that Justinian executed and as well as the reputation that Theodora had. By asserting these remarks Procopious implies that he some sort of bad relationship between, but as he goes he never addresses his hate for them. The reason he that describe the emperor and the empress was due to both of them unable to agree on certain issues always consulting each other before making a decision.(Procopious,14) The most recurring act that he tells is that Justinian always found a way to bend the rules in favor for himself. In some cases steali...

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... their reputation others like in Photius case were betrayed. In his situation Antonina accused him of telling lies specifically the affair that she had with Theodosius . This resulted in a severe punishment being locked up in a dungeon in some other cases the person was killed or exiled from the empire. Even these were the type of consequences as far as committing a crime, but we can note because it was very loose many people could have been accused wrongfully. There also the abuse of power in the empire when Justinian change a certain law that forbid certain of marriages by doing he was able to marry Theodora. Other times the money was wasted in unnecessary buildings and other times the emperor would put a high tax on food. These negative consequences hurt the economy of the Byzantine Empire really shows the government was incapable of sustaining a healthy economy.

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