Justification Of Vpl And How Does It Match With National Curriculum?

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Assignment 1: 2nd part Justification of VPL and how does it match with National Curriculum? also a short justification of the first part of this assignment: Programming is a core activity of computing because it enables the users to access and release the potential of the computing they are using (CAS). In modern world it is very important to make sure children are getting familiar with coding/programming from an early age. In the old days peoples used to learn programming by memorising the commands and syntax to produce simple programs. This is definitely not an ideal way to start learning programming, especially for kids. Visual or Block programming gives the opportunity for kids to start learning programming without memorising and typing texts. Kids can learn programming simply by dragging and dropping graphics, sounds, button etc. this is more kind of fun rather than the stress of memorising code and getting frustrated by syntax errors. VPL approaches to programming give children the opportunity to learn programming effectively and efficiently without wasting too much times and also it gives the chance to explore and increase their creativity and computational thinking more rapidly and without the worry of too many grammatical errors. Pupils can use block based programming to solve complex problems, make complex games using robust computational thinking and using advanced programming features and techniques. Pupils can still be familiar with all the algorithm and logic they need to learn to make themselves ready for the future and increase their problem solving skills. In English schools, Block programming languages such as SCRATCH are the key to ensure computer science skills are developed in school (ntc moodle). Accordin... ... middle of paper ... ...lowing points: • Do they match the learning objectives • The content needs to be presented accurately • Have I used the right level of languages and is there any subject related jargon? • Will they engage students by means of relevant context, challenge and feedback? • Do they match the ability of different pupils? Finally, programming provides the motivation for learning Computer Science. There is a great sense of achievement when a computer does just what you ask it (quick start computing). And kids loves this, they get excited about it. In ICT especially in programming there is always opportunities to do something better and it enhance the problem solving capabilities of learners in all ages. And this is even truer in terms VPL programming. So I think the current thinking on pedagogy by National Curriculum is the right approaches in terms of teaching programming

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