Justification For Using The Qualitative Method Of Public Reporting Programs

Justification For Using The Qualitative Method Of Public Reporting Programs

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Yes, the phenomenon of interest is stated to the reader. When a patient is discharged from the hospital, hospitals are considered responsible for the positive outcome for the patient after discharge. By involving the hospital, during the patient’s inpatient stay, with providing the patients quality reports to help choose a high-performing home health agency could help with the patient’s decision.

Justification for using the qualitative method involved doing interviews with both the case managers and the home health consumers. The interviews consisted of open-ended questions in order to provide additional feedback responses to help determine information regarding the result. This research also involved focus groups. The informants were relevant to the problems within the study. There was a small sample size used in order to explore a purpose with unique outcomes.

The philosophical underpinnings of this research method provided a study to determine what knowledge both the healthcare field and the patients had regarding the use of public reporting programs ran by the state. Both the health department and Medicare assume that since this information is public knowledge, it is widely being used. This information is provided various ways, which the consumer can access, in order to make an informed decision. The theory was to reveal whether or not this information was be utilized in the manner they thought it was.

The purpose of this study was to learn if and how quality reports are being used when patients and their families chose a home care agency after being discharged from the hospital.

The significance of work to nursing is to provide the patients that are being discharged home with knowledge of various home health agencies t...

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... decision. Case managers also need to be educated on patient laws in order for them to understand the boundaries in providing this information in a way that is not influencing the patient’s decision. This information has the potential to improve the patient’s outcome post-discharge.

Yes, these recommendations reflect the findings within the report. The findings showed that the case managers were not aware of these reports and those that were did not feel comfortable providing information that they thought might influence the decision of the patient and violate any laws.

The researcher showed significance by providing information using patient autonomy, patient satisfaction, and improving outcomes after discharge and also decreasing future health related problems and cost. This study showed that this information should be included in nursing discharge teaching.

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