Essay on Justice Trial of Students for Peace

Essay on Justice Trial of Students for Peace

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Many of you are probably wondering, “will Students for Peace end up in jail or will they be freed from blame?” We heard arguments from both sides of this important case that show if they are found guilty or not. After much careful consideration, the side that was more persuasive in their arguments was New York City. New York City did a great job at presenting their different arguments that show that Students for Peace was disturbing peace. They declared that Student for Peace was using violent fighting words that disturbed the young kids around them. NYC clearly showed that it was the wrong time to protest this violent topic in front of young children. They proved that freedom of speech is limited during certain times and Student for Peace was broadcasting their thoughts in a place that freedom of speech is limited.

Was student for peace using fighting words? Of course! NYC distinctly displayed that SFP were using fighting words that disturbed those around them. Counselor Amanda said that Student for Peace was shouting rude remarks and handing out obscene graphic images that disturbed families and the kids around them. She stated that Justice Murphy said, “ There are certain well-defined and narrowly-limited types of speech, which states prevent or punish without any Constitutional problems. These include lewd and obscene words, profanity, libelous speech, and the insulting or ‘fighting’ words.” This was incredibly persuasive because this obviously shows that if you are using fighting words they can arrest you “without any Constitutional problems”. In other words, Freedom of Speech is clearly limited when you are using fighting word or words that are hateful towards others. This shows that Student for Peace should be arre...

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...t was erroneous. The Freedom of Speech decides whether or not if SFP is guilty or not, so the Freedom of Speech have rules that are unheard of, but they are still there.
Therefore, it is clear that the standpoint that is more persuasive is NYC. NYC undeniably shows that Freedom of Speech is limited in many ways. Freedom of Speech is limited when the type of words you use, such as fighting words or hate words are said towards a specific group of people. It was also the not right time to protest in a park filled with young children. Moreover, they show that Freedom of Speech can be limited depends on the time and place. You should all be proud of your hard work in this trial. We are incredibly impressed with your strong arguments that help prove your point. We can all learn a lesson from this case: think before you speak, it can help you get out of a lot of trouble.

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