Essay on Justice Is Stand Your Ground

Essay on Justice Is Stand Your Ground

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What is justice? This may seem like a simple question to answer but for many people in today’s society it’s not. Everyone has their own definition of what justice is and can mean. The meanings of it are vast. However, it is mainly defined as the quality of being just, righteousness, equitable and moral rightness. An issue with justice is stand your ground laws. Stand your ground law is suddenly in the spotlight as Americans debate whether they counter violence or put more people in danger of death or injury by gunfire. For instance, the shooting of Trayvon Martin brought a lot of attention to stand your ground self-defense laws. On February 26, 2012 George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African American male. Also, August 9, 2014 Michael Brown, an 18 year old African American male was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, a white Ferguson police officer and Jordan Davis, a 17 year old African American male was shot by Michael Dunns, a 45 year old white male. I feel as if being a young African American male in today’s society is scary. I say that because I have two younger brothers and I’m scared for them to even go outside because of the race these laws seem to target.
Stand your ground laws generally state that under certain circumstances individuals can use deadly force to defend themselves without first attempting to retreat from the danger. The duty to retreat state that a person who is under a threat of personal harm must retreat from the threat before responding with force in self-defense. Stand your ground law offer immunity from prosecution which means an individual could claim self-defense under the law and avoid trial altogether. For instance, the shooting of Trayvon Martin brought a lot of attention to ...

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...disturbing the peace?
I don’t think justice exists in America because of stand your ground laws, discrimination within the judicial system and police brutality. Stand your ground laws give suspects the leeway of avoiding prosecution because they say their defending themselves in self-defense. So if I shoot someone and plead self-defense based of stand your ground law, does that make it okay? Secondly, no matter who you are, where you come from or the color of your skin, everyone has the equal opportunity and right to receive justice. The color of your skin or how you feel about another race should never be a part of your decision in determining what’s wrong and what’s right. Lastly, the police is supposed to serve and protect the people but yet their taking advantage of their badge. As previously stated, a system cannot fail those it was never designed to protect.

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