Justice is Served in Antigone by Sophocles Essay

Justice is Served in Antigone by Sophocles Essay

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In the play Antigone, Sophocles writing can be very controversial. He explains different perspectives of justice through the fates of the characters in the play. Creon and Antigone both would claim to have the law and Gods on their sides. They bring acceptable evidence for their reasoning to be true for their thought of the right way to carry out justice. Creon is certain that his ability to be king will justify leaving Polynices unburied. On the other hand Antigone sees justice as the ability to bury her brother. Conflict explodes with their inability to compromise over what is the definition of justice. Justice has a different role to play in any individual’s life because gender differs from man to women and society sometimes looks down upon women. Justice should be served and women should have the same divine rights that men do.
In the beginning of Antigone, we see Antigone struggling with the conflicting expectations between divine law and man’s law. The problem throughout the play is Antigone is a believer in divine law while Creon is a believer in man’s law. In the first scene, Antigone tells her sister that she will defy Creon’s law and bury her brother. Antigone says, “He has no right to keep me from my own” (Sophocles 1008). She believes in divine law even if it means breaking man’s law. Creon commanded no one to bury her brother. Antigone knows it is not the right choice according to divine law and she should be able to bury her own brother, but Creon believes no one should break the law he has put before everyone. Ismene replies, “ The law is strong, we must give in to the law, in this thing and in worse. I bet the dead to forgive me, but I am helpless: I must yield to those in authority” (Sophocles 1009). Antigone ...

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...ice she made.
Antigone was a tough girl for sticking up for herself, but unfortunately it was not enough to stop Creon in his evil and unjust ways. Justice is something extremely sacred to the human race and has always been a huge factor in people’s lives throughout history. Not to mention how important it was in Antigone’s life. If people think about it she pretty much lived for justice. What has full authority divine law or man’s law and how significant is it that Antigone is a woman defying a man in this time era? This is the real question; divine law always takes triumph over man’s law because it is morally and honestly accepted between the human races.

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