Justice Is More Than Injustice, And What It Right And Wrong Essay

Justice Is More Than Injustice, And What It Right And Wrong Essay

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During the time period of The Republic, the problems and challenges that each community was faced with were all dealt with in a different way. In the world today, a lot of people care about themselves. For many people, the word justice can mean many different things, but because some only look out for themselves, many of these people do not think about everyone else’s role in the world of society. The struggle for justice is still demonstrated in contemporary culture today. One particular concept from Plato’s The Republic, which relates to contemporary culture is this concept of justice. In the beginning of The Republic, Socrates listeners, Cephalus, Polemarchus, and Thrasymachus, ask Socrates whether justice is stronger than injustice, and what it right and wrong. Plato’s perspective on the issue of justice is that, a good community would be just and that justice would not only help the community, but benefit individual people in it as well. Also, that justice is a certain type of specialization, meaning that performing a particular task that is a person’s own, not of someone else’s. Plato (2007), Polemarchus argues with Socrates in book I that, “Justice was to do good to a friend and harm to an enemy” (335b p.13). Plato (2007) he then responds, “It is not the function of the just man to harm either his friends or anyone else, but of his opposite the unjust man” (335d p.14). His views of justice are related to contemporary culture, because when someone does something that they are supposed to do, they receive credit or a reward for it, but if the opposite of that is performed, by not doing the particular task that is asked, they are then rewarded but with punishments. Also, that justice is doing the right thing in a society. J...

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...people who are more lenient to do things right and get the job done. We need to change that and become a better society and work together. We need to become more just and do better for each other, not just for ourselves.
Ultimately, Justice is making good choices, knowing when to do well, as well as having the skill to do what is right. On the other hand, if an individual who decides to make this choice, they may not always be the best candidate to make that decision, but as the just person is deciding justice was given the opportunity in that particular situation. Conclusively, throughout this paper, the concept of justice was presented not only through The Republic with Socrates views and opinions on what justice meant to him and to a society, but through just and unjust situations, and the viewpoints from David Miller in relating justice to contemporary culture.

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