Essay on Justice for the Children

Essay on Justice for the Children

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Justice for the Children

Sexual abuse is not a topic that we are unfamiliar with, but a subject that is usually not openly discussed. Many of these victims of sexual abuse have no voice and no justice. It has taken years for people in society to finally open their eyes and realize that this crime deserves to be noticed and the abusers punished. The laws are not made for the victims but for the predator. It is hard to believe that most abusers get away with this crime everyday. Before any laws came into effect society usually blamed the victim and the victim was sent away so they would not cause anymore problems. In the last twenty years through the laws changing and technology, but more importantly the public finally talking about it and wanting to do something.
In the Amish community it is very rare if the victim ever sees justice. If someone confesses in church a crime he or she is forgiven and the punishment is handled by the Bishops of the church. The outside world is not to be involved. Amish community is a very close knit people and they are very strict with their congregation. Women do not have any say when it comes to finance or other important matters. Women must do what they are told or there could be repercussions. Most wives know about the abuse and they do nothing, for fear. Most abuse is usually from the victims own family members like fathers, brothers, uncles. If abuse is reported outside of the church to the English community, that is rarely heard of. If the abuser is convicted of the crime and sent to prison the victim is shunned from the community and usually leaves. (Ferris, 2008)
What is sad about many laws, is that it usually takes a violent crime to start opening the eyes of law makers...

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...the public with a photo of the offender, where he lived and worked. (2006) The new sex offender site will allow the local and state agencies to work with the National Sex Offender Public Registry.
Steve Kiehl, who has been a probation officer for ten years. “This is not an easy job when you know the kind of people that you have to deal with but it a job that I take very seriously.” (Kiehl, 2010) When the sex offenders go through his office they have to go through very strict guideline that the law enforces. The State of Correction is in control of 92 counties in Indiana and they supply the data that they put of the registry. At this time there are 660 sex offenders in Allen County. Manpower is an issue. Steve Kiehl stated that “ This is a difficult job and it can be very challenging at time but I know that I am making a difference”. (Kiehl, 2010)

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