Essay about The Just The Facts About The Natural World And Humanity

Essay about The Just The Facts About The Natural World And Humanity

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Just the Facts: The Dragnet Approach to Achieve Neutrality

The expression “Just the facts” originated from a television series called “Dragnet,” where investigators were focused only on evidence. In everyday conversation and debates, we try to persuade others to agree with claims we make by supporting our evidence with facts. It is difficult if not impossible to attain agreement with others without supporting evidence with facts. Likewise, historians, philosophers, and writers have attempted to persuade audiences while trying to achieve a universally neutral perspective in the meantime, the most successful of whom grounding their argumentation in facts and hypothesis. Thucydides accounts history in his book On Justice, Power, and Human Nature. His account is supported only through fact leaving room for no personal biases. Marx and Engles and Du Bois are expert ideologists attempting to convince their audiences that their method of achieving a neutral perspective is efficient. Thucydides’ approach of arriving at truths regarding the natural world and humanity is more successful at achieving a neutral perspective and reducing bias than the methods of Marx and Engles and Du Bois.
Thucydides’ method of achieving neutrality is grounded in his accounting of history. Poets, authors, and prose writers embellished work for their readers’ delight (Thucydides 12). Thucydides notes that these accounts cannot be tested and are not credible (Thucydides 12). Meanwhile, Thucydides’ description of history is both reliable and testable as he documents the exact event only giving the facts (Thucydides 12). Thucydides’ work provides a history of the Peloponnesian War. It consists primarily of paired speeches to answer a plethora of important quest...

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...t be in accordance with it. One might argue that Du Bois’ attempt for African American equality is the most successful at attaining a universally natural perspective. However, Du Bois is essentially fixated on advocating for African American rights. While Du Bois does attain sense of neutrality, it is limited and not collective like Thucydides’ method.
While all attempting to achieve the same neutrality and reducing bias, Marx and Engles and Du Bois are not as effective as Thucydides. Marx and Engles attempt to achieve a neutral perspective by equalizing sociality through Communism. Du Bois’ attempt is through African-American identity. In conclusion, while trying to achieve neutrality and reduce bias regarding truths, Thucydides’ method is most proficient. He provides a supreme method, which does not allow for personal prejudices as he bases his accounts on facts.

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