Essay on Just One Of The Guys By Kristen Schilt

Essay on Just One Of The Guys By Kristen Schilt

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Transitions in life come in many forms. Some people may graduate from high school and move out for college. Other people get married and buy their first house. Although all of these examples seem fairly ordinary, some transitions that people may go through are not as common. In the book Just One of the Guys? by Kristen Schilt, Schilt depicts the truth behind gender inequality in the workplace from the perspective of transgender men who were once biological women. Through their transition, these people experienced natural difference schemas, inequality depending on race and class, and differences between stealth and open transitions.
Undoubtedly, the elephant in the room experienced in everyday life is the natural difference schemas between men and women. Yes, both men and women have different sexual organs and physical traits. However, the reality that men and women are treated differently goes further than just the fact that one has a penis and the other has a vagina. At any workplace; although it is not always blatantly obvious, inequality between this gender binary has affect on promotion, salaries, and even daily task preformed. People that have transitioned between genders have experienced this difference and describe it as infuriating. While they were women, they did not realize the advantage men had in the workplace. However, when they transitioned into males, they became increasingly privileged and were given more opportunities to succeed. Transmen also experienced a sense of “culture shock” from moving from one gender to another. In order to fit into their new gender status, they had to learn how to adapt from being a female in social situation then transitioning into a male. This leads into the following assumption th...

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...he did not respect his decision to swap genders. This individual was not fired, but soon left his job because psychologically they felt out of place.
Overall, Schilt clearly has a dedicated argument supporting the inequality between males and females in the workplace. It was very interesting to read about the different perspectives and experiences that the transmen went through during their transition. When it comes to critiquing this piece, there needed to be more detail on the perspective of men who went through transitioning into women. Schilt seemed to only cover one side of the argument and if she had put in more time, she could have better supported her claim using a transwomen perspective. Nevertheless, Schilt demonstrated a solid argument that supported gender inequality that goes beyond natural difference schemas and physical traits between men and women.

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