Essay on Just-in-time Manufacturing Philosophy

Essay on Just-in-time Manufacturing Philosophy

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Table of Contents
Introduction 2
JIT philosophy 2
Frameworks and techniques contributing to a successful implementation 3
Kanban 3
Jidoka 3
7 wastes elimination 3
Quality 4
Leveled production 4
Setup time minimization 4
Management’s commitment 4
An improved version of JIT – JIS 4
Implementation of JIT in American companies 4
Cultural background of JIT 4
Comparison between the Japanese and the American working (business/management) culture 4
Problems faced by American companies during implementation 4
Adjustments of JIT made by the American companies 4
Real-life example: Harley Davidson 5
Company history 5
Turning point 5
Implementation of JIT by Harley Davidson 5
Problems and solution 5
Final results – success 5
Conclusion 5
Bibliography 5


A successful manufacturing company is one that knows its customers and delivers exactly the kind of product that its customers want and are willing to pay for. This is not enough, on one hand, producing more of this product than it is demanded will lead to high inventory and even higher costs. Underproduction, on the other hand, means that a part of the customer base is offered for the competitors. In both cases we are talking about inefficient usage of resources, as raw material, time, money and also human resources.

Managing resources in a way that responds correctly to market demand, will decrease costs and contribute to quality improvement. Just-in-time manufacturing is a system of attitudes and actions that, if implemented in the right way, will lead to such results.

JIT philosophy

Just-in-time manufacturing (JIT) is more than a set of techniques and calculations aiming for reducing inventory. It is a philosophy, a mindset that has...

... middle of paper ...

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