Essay about Just a Few More Minutes: School Should Start Later in the Morning

Essay about Just a Few More Minutes: School Should Start Later in the Morning

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Just a Few More Minutes

Students come to school half asleep, nod off in the middle of a lecture, and periodically get asked to why we’re all so incoherent. An arguably good reason would be having to balance school, work, sports, homework, any kind of social life, and going to bed at decent time. Getting roughly an hour longer of sleep could increase attention, test scores, positive attitudes, increase the urge to be in school, and possibly decrease truancy rates. A lack of sleep can also become dangerous in many cases. An extra hour of sleep could make all the difference in a teen’s life.

As students get more sleep, the more ambitious they become. Second thoughts about getting out of bed becomes lessened and the attendance rates go up. Overall participation in classes have potential to go up with well-rested students. Student’s attitude towards school could be changed if they didn’t have to wake so early in the morning. Imagine students waking up as soon as they hear the alarm go off without having to push the snooze button numerous times. Truancy doesn’t have to be such a problem if schools considered changing the start time.

Many adults expect so much out of students when it comes to school. Most students have jobs to maintain their gas tanks, save for college, and buy miscellaneous items here and there. Having a job on top of going to school full-time isn't an easy task. Majority of free-time will be split in half once teen’s get a job. Finding time to hang out with friends or family will become easier said than done. Students spend most of their day inside a school building focusing on school, only to leave and focus on more school.

Trying to sleep in as long as possible but allowing enough time to wake up and get ...

... middle of paper ... and safety too. Sleep plays a significant role in anybodies lives and it is important that students are getting enough sleep to function throughout the school day. Schools starting later in the morning and getting just an hour longer of sleep can benefit in a handful of different ways.

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