Juniors ' Activities Outside Of School Essay

Juniors ' Activities Outside Of School Essay

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Juniors’ Activities Outside of School

During freshman year in the high school cafeteria I began to realize that my once extremely close class was starting to break apart and divide into new groups or cliques. I watched as friends broke apart and ventured out to new people, new things, and new situations--not bad ones, just different. These cliques began to form by the activities that are taking place outside of school, for example: the athletes, the honorary students, and the careless ones. Typically, the athletes are in the gym, the honorary students are studying anywhere and everywhere, and the careless ones are usually socializing at the local “it” place in town.
Outside of school, most athletes never stop training and playing their sports. Often, these students are involved with select team. Commonly the students tend to play on the same select team for their sports. Athletes have after-school practice three days a week, private training twice a week, and typically one game a week, thus, leaving them with little free time. While members from this group, athletes, differ from honorary students and the careless ones because they have extremely busy, year- round schedules that do not always include academics, but they also must put in quite the amount of effort to balance their schedules. An examples of an athlete is Student A. Student A plays softball for the high school, and she also plays for a select team, year round. She has been playing softball since she was just a toddler, and this school year, as a junior, her softball career has already presented her with the opportunity verbally to commit to play college softball. Student A is a phenomenal example for an athlete 's activities outside of school. Although school mig...

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...activities in their top priorities. They spend their free time socializing with friends, without a worry in their mind. The members of this group are similar with the fact that are living worry free, just having a grand time. Student C is a perfect example of a careless student. When he comes to school, which is only two or three times a week, he does not ever do his work. He hardly passes any of his seven courses and never applies himself to anything.
These groups: the athletes, the honorary students, and the careless students; began to form due to the activities that the students are participating in outside of school. This classification was meant to inform readers that although we may all be different, it is a good thing. Whether it is a student athlete, a honorary student, or a careless student, we make up one student body that stands firm in our friendship.

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