The Junior Doctors Strike Actions Essay

The Junior Doctors Strike Actions Essay

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The junior doctors strike actions is justified in the current political context

This essay will explain what junior doctors are and what their role as junior doctor are, why the junior doctors strike action is justified in the current political context and will also debate whether Jeremy Hunt the Secretary of State of health is to blame for the strike or is the British medical association to blame.
Junior doctors are qualified medical practitioners who work whilst training to become a consultant or a general practitioner under postgraduate level. The role of junior doctors in the National Health Service is to educate and provide training for other junior doctors and student doctors, plan regulations in the workplace and provide patient care directly with patients on the wards and in outpatient clinics. When junior doctors become professional doctors they are expected to provide professional standards in their role towards patients and their colleagues.The training that is provided for junior doctors and the healthcare that is delivered cannot be separated whether they are professional junior doctors or trainee doctors because supervised training is essential in the National Health Service. Changes have also been made over the past years by the training and working environment of UK medicine, which has affected the role of junior doctors. Over the last decades the working hours for junior doctors have reduced, which have been replaced with shifts and on-call working hours because of the new deal that has been conducted by the European Working Time Directive. This has had a major impact on the junior doctors because of the changes to the working patterns which means they have to develop skills in communication, handover and mult...

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...,636 per annum, but three quarter of the junior doctors does take home pay rise. At present junior doctors work a maximum of 72-91 hours a week, but if the British Medical Association and the government negotiators commence with the plan to cut pay for the junior doctors their working hours could be reduced. If the junior doctors hours would be reduced this could have an affect on patient yet again because the appropriate care would not be given as there would be no junior doctors to cover every hours in the day which could lead to more deaths and emergencies.
The junior doctors strike have had both positive and negative effects on patients, nurses and senior doctors. The junior doctors strike has also affected the junior doctors themselves mentally which has already lead to suicide of one of the junior doctors in England because she could not cope the with strike.

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