Essay on Jung Typology Test

Essay on Jung Typology Test

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Within the Jung Typology Test (JTT) it states that my type of personality is introverted, sensing, feeling and judging. The results indicated I am an introvert over extrovert, the score showed 56%. There was a marginal or no preference to sensing over intuition at 1% for this result. Moderate preference to feeling over thinking at 25%, and a strong preference to judging over perceiving at 78%. So this is saying that I am an introverted sensing with extroverted feeling.

The JTT states that I focus internally on myself; I take emotions, feeling, etc. in via my five senses in a literal concrete fashion. The test indicates that I have this overwhelming “need to be needed” which I do not feel is the case. I am happy to do my daily routine without and sort of interruptions. The test does state that people with my type of personality are "unappreciated at work, home and play. Ironically because they prove over and over that they can be relied on for loyalty and I'm unstinting high-quality work, which people often take us for granted" (Myers, 2013). When reflecting on my own life the quote from Myers (2013) for the most part is correct. I have had many issues at work with doing my job above and beyond satisfaction of my employer, but it has often been other people who take the credit for what has been done. Even though it does bother me I do not care enough to correct the situation. The way I see it is if I am not working anymore and things go downhill the employer will recognize the situation.

At work we are accurate workers with really good memories and unexpected analytic abilities, we are also good with people in small groups or one-on-one interactions. We are patient and we are genuinely sympathetic. The test states that we are ...

... middle of paper ... test is based on extensive scientific research and not generalized personality information. The creator of the JTT, as well as his or her partner had to put a lot of work into it. There are many people who post online at this personality test is very accurate and or get on to how they are, you cannot get that just from luck.

While taking this test and reading about the information that was provided I was not really surprised about what information was given about my personality. I am 95% of what this test says I am. This exercise helps very little because I arty new 95% of the information is going to give me, it is a good tool to give you that support he would need if you are doubting yourself.

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